Successful Treatment of Psoriasis and Lichen Planus: A Case Study by Dr. R.S. Sonawane, Psoriasis Specialist

A Case Study on the Successful Treatment of Psoriasis and Lichen Planus by Dr. R.S. Sonawane: A Testament to Experience and Individualized Care


Dr. R.S. Sonawane, a renowned Psoriasis Specialist with 37 years of experience, has dedicated his career to helping patients suffering from chronic skin conditions. In this case study, we present a detailed analysis of a 60-year-old male patient who sought treatment at Dr. Sonawane’s Psoriatreat Clinics for Psoriasis and Lichen Planus, which had plagued him for the past 10 years. Despite prior unsuccessful treatments, Dr. Sonawane’s holistic approach, deep understanding of his patient’s emotional state, and extensive experience led to a successful resolution of the condition. This case exemplifies the significance of personalized care and highlights the expertise of Dr. R.S. Sonawane in treating Psoriasis.

Patient Background:

patient suffering from psoriasis and lichen planus

The patient, a 60-year-old male, arrived at Psoriatreat Clinics with Psoriasis and Lichen Planus, accompanied by unbearable itching in his legs and enlarging, thickening plaques that were expanding despite multiple previous treatment attempts. The patient had tried various forms of treatment, including Allopathic, Ayurvedic, and Homoeopathic, without experiencing any significant improvement. Dr. Sonawane recognized the complexity of the case and initiated a comprehensive consultation to uncover crucial details regarding the patient’s medical history, emotional well-being, and lifestyle.

Analysis and Findings:

During the consultation, Dr. Sonawane discovered several important aspects of the patient’s case. Firstly, the patient was exhibiting signs of depression, likely stemming from family issues and betrayals from loved ones. These emotional factors were visibly reflected on his face and had a profound impact on his overall well-being. Additionally, the patient had a habit of excessively adding salt to his food and frequently suffered from headaches after daytime bike rides. Despite being 60 years old, he was determined to continue working to support his grandchildren, showcasing his admirable dedication.

Treatment Approach:

Taking into account the mental and emotional dynamics influencing the patient’s condition, Dr. Sonawane prescribed Nat Mur 200. Although the patient experienced mild improvement in itching and some of the plaques on his trunk, the skin lesions on his legs remained unchanged. Dr. Sonawane decided to shift the treatment to Nat Mur 1M due to the significant role of mental and emotional factors in the patient’s disease.

Treatment Outcome:

image of cured patient after treatment of psoriasis and lichen planus

Following the administration of Nat Mur 1M, the patient’s leg plaque initially worsened in size. However, as the treatment progressed, the plaque gradually diminished and eventually disappeared after six months of therapy. Throughout the treatment, the patient expressed concern regarding the leg plaque, emphasizing the importance of attentive follow-ups and patient-centered care. Dr. Sonawane’s profound understanding of the disease, combined with his extensive experience treating over 26,000 psoriasis patients, played a pivotal role in achieving this successful outcome.


This case study exemplifies the significance of a comprehensive and individualized approach in the treatment of complex skin conditions such as Psoriasis and Lichen Planus. Dr. R.S. Sonawane’s expertise in understanding the interplay between physical symptoms, emotional well-being, and lifestyle factors enabled him to devise a tailored treatment plan for the patient. By addressing the underlying emotional issues, considering the patient’s specific symptoms, and closely monitoring the treatment progress, Dr. Sonawane successfully resolved the patient’s condition.


psoriasis and Lichen Planus patient case study
psoriasis patient case study

Dr. R.S. Sonawane’s remarkable 37 years of experience as a Psoriasis Specialist, coupled with his commitment to personalized care, allowed him to provide effective treatment to the 60-year-old patient suffering from Psoriasis and Lichen Planus. This case study highlights the importance of a holistic approach, considering emotional factors, lifestyle habits, and individual symptoms, in achieving successful outcomes for patients. Dr. Sonawane’s expertise and dedication serve as a testament to his ability to positively impact the lives of thousands of psoriasis patients throughout his distinguished career.



What are the common symptoms of Psoriasis and Lichen Planus?

The common symptoms of Psoriasis include red, inflamed patches of skin, covered with silvery scales, itching, and sometimes pain. Lichen Planus presents as itchy, flat-topped bumps or plaques, often on the wrists, ankles, or inside the mouth.

How does Dr. R.S. Sonawane diagnose Psoriasis and Lichen Planus?

Dr. R.S. Sonawane diagnoses Psoriasis and Lichen Planus through a combination of physical examination, patient history, and evaluation of symptoms. Additional tests such as skin biopsies may be conducted if necessary.

What makes Dr. R.S. Sonawane’s approach to treating Psoriasis unique?

Dr. R.S. Sonawane’s approach to treating Psoriasis is unique because he takes into account not only the physical symptoms but also the emotional and lifestyle factors that can contribute to the disease. This comprehensive approach ensures that the treatment plan is tailored to the individual needs of each patient.

Can emotional factors such as depression affect the severity of Psoriasis and Lichen Planus?

Yes, emotional factors such as depression can impact the severity of Psoriasis and Lichen Planus. Stress and anxiety can trigger or worsen flare-ups in some individuals. Dr. R.S. Sonawane recognizes the influence of these factors and addresses them as part of the treatment plan.

Are there any specific lifestyle habits that can worsen Psoriasis and Lichen Planus symptoms?

Certain lifestyle habits, such as excessive consumption of alcohol, smoking, and a poor diet, can exacerbate the symptoms of Psoriasis and Lichen Planus. Dr. R.S. Sonawane may provide guidance on lifestyle modifications to help manage the condition effectively.

How does Dr. R.S. Sonawane tailor the treatment plan for each individual patient?

Dr. R.S. Sonawane tailors the treatment plan for each individual patient based on a thorough understanding of their medical history, symptoms, emotional state, and lifestyle factors. This personalized approach ensures that the treatment is targeted and effective.

What are the potential side effects of the medications prescribed for Psoriasis and Lichen Planus?

Medications prescribed for Psoriasis and Lichen Planus may not have any potential side effects as he only treats psoriasis using homeopathic medicines which are natural.

Can Psoriasis and Lichen Planus be completely cured, or is it a lifelong condition?

Psoriasis and Lichen Planus are chronic conditions that can be managed effectively but may not be completely cured. Dr. R.S. Sonawane focuses on providing long-term relief and improving the patient’s quality of life through appropriate treatment strategies.

Does Dr. R.S. Sonawane recommend any dietary changes or supplements for managing Psoriasis and Lichen Planus?

Dr. R.S. Sonawane may recommend dietary changes, including avoiding trigger foods, and incorporating anti-inflammatory foods that can potentially help manage Psoriasis and Lichen Planus. Additionally, specific supplements may be suggested based on individual needs.

How long does it typically take to see improvements in Psoriasis and Lichen Planus symptoms with Dr. R.S. Sonawane’s treatment approach?

The time taken to see improvements in Psoriasis and Lichen Planus symptoms can vary depending on the severity of the condition and individual response to treatment. Dr. R.S. Sonawane closely monitors progress during follow-up appointments and adjusts the treatment plan as needed.

What should patients expect during follow-up appointments with Dr. R.S. Sonawane?

During follow-up appointments, patients can expect a thorough evaluation of their progress, discussion of any concerns or new symptoms, adjustments to the treatment plan if necessary, and guidance on managing the condition between visits.

Can stress and anxiety exacerbate the symptoms of Psoriasis and Lichen Planus?

Yes, stress and anxiety can worsen the symptoms of Psoriasis and Lichen Planus in some individuals. Dr. R.S. Sonawane emphasizes the importance of stress management techniques and may recommend relaxation exercises or counseling to help patients cope with emotional challenges.

Are there any specific precautions or lifestyle adjustments recommended by Dr. R.S. Sonawane to prevent flare-ups of Psoriasis and Lichen Planus?

To prevent flare-ups of Psoriasis and Lichen Planus, Dr. R.S. Sonawane may recommend precautions such as avoiding known triggers, maintaining a healthy lifestyle, managing stress levels, and following a skincare routine tailored to the patient’s needs. Individualized advice is provided to help patients minimize the impact of the condition on their daily lives.

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