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Psoriasis Doctor

Dr R.S.Sonawane, M.D. (Homeopathy), DI London (Homeopathy)

Dr. R. S. Sonawane is Psoriasis Specialist Doctor in India. He educated from National Institute of Homeopathy (Govt. of India), Kolkata, world’s biggest institute of Homeopathy. He has studied with world famous teachers of Homeopathy. He was a favorite student of Late Dr. K. C. Mittal, who studied in 9 countries of world, a world famous scientist in the field of Homeopathy of his time. Dr. Sonawane inherits all the research work done by him.

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Dr. Sonawane is a Psoriasis specialist doctor in India. He treats Psoriasis only with homeopathic medicines. Many of his patients are free from this deadly disease condition for last 10 to 15 years without taking any medicine after completing the treatment course.

Dr. Sonawane can be contacted for consultation and treatment at any of his clinics personally or for online treatment at his website or you can email him on the email address given in Contact Us Page.

Dr. Sonawane visited Paris for International Homeopathic Conference (LMHI):

  • Given lecture at International Homeopathic Conference (LMHI) at Paris.
  • International audience attend Dr. Sonawane’s lecture.
  • Dr. Sonawane was with his fellow international friends at Paris.


  • Dr. Sonawane is a student of world famous scholar in Homeopathy, Late Dr. K. C. Mittal
  • Studied in National Institute of Homeopathy, Kolkata (World’s biggest institute of Homeopathy)
  • Dip.N.I.H. (Kolkata), M.D. (Homeopathy), D.I. (Homeopathy) (London), F.C.A.H. (MUHS) (Nashik)

Professional Experience

  1. 35 years of Homeopathic practice.
  2. Treating psoriasis patients for 35 years, with Homeopathic medicines.
  3. Have personally treated 24700 patients and patients from all over India and many countries of the world.

Psoriasis Specialist Doctor in India - Short Introduction

Dr. R.S.Sonawane began his studies in Homeopathy at Dr. Dhole’s Homeopathic Medical college, Amaravati. Since his beginning he was a favorite student of his teachers.

He was selected by Dr. K. C. Mittal, the world scholar in Homeopathy who studied in nine countries of the world with many students of Dr. Kent like Dr. Pierre Schmidt. After completion of his diploma in Homoeopathy in Dec 1983. He became lecturer in Homeopathic Medical colleges at Malkapur and Amravati.

He appeared for all India Entrance of National Institute of Homeopathy and ranked first in India in written examination and second in oral test. He was selected to study in N.I.H. There he was exposed to the knowledge of many stalwarts in homeopathy like Dr. S. K. Dubey, Dr. S. P. Dey, Dr. Anil Bhatia and many more.

He started his homoeopathic practice in 1987 after completion of his studies in N.I.H. From the beginning of his practice he is using computer programmes especially “Hompath”. He has also extensively studied and was a faithful teacher and guide of Hompath software. Now he has his clinics over many cities.

He treats only psoriasis cases with homoeopathy. Ph.D. Students of National Institute of technology, Raipur are preparing a diagnostic Software under his Guidance. Regularly being interviewed by DD National TV channel in “Hello Doctor” programme and also being interviewed by other TV Channels in their health programmes like Saam TV, Zee 24 Taas, Zee Marathi, etc.

Dr. R. S. Sonawane is a co-author of

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As a psoriasis specialist doctor in India, Dr R.S.Sonawane can treat various types of psoriasis including Arthritis psoriasis like in 70% of cases, people have Psoriasis for about 10 years before getting Psoriasis arthritis. Symptoms include painful, stiff joints that are worse in the morning and after rest, sausage like swelling of the fingers and toes, warm joints that may be discolored.

Whereby homeopathic medicines help to strengthen the immune system to initiate a stronger and adequate response to throw away the disease.


That is the reason that after a proper homeopathic medicine an increase in the existing disease condition called aggravation may occur. It is followed by permanent freedom from the disease.


The abnormal behavior of “t” cells becomes normal resulting in no further relapse of the disease. Homeopathy not only treats Psoriasis but stops the relapses permanently.

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