Homeopathy for Health


Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity. This is definition of Health by World Health Organisation.

Today’s era demands lot of physical as well as mental struggle to fit in current environment, hence failure to meet these demands by adapting oneself to current scenario brings on frustration and a chain of psychosomatic illness, immunological illnesses in population.

While living this stressful life our body maintains homeostasis i.e. a state of balance by adapting to situations either mentally or physically. The physical adjustments are programmed in our biological intelligence. If we can’t adjust to certain situations our body’s defence fails, that’s called a constitutional weakness to certain situations. The reasons behind this weakness lies with our family history. It’s inherited weakness through generations 

E.g. If one has diabetes, quiet in early years of his life definitely it can be traced back in his family like father, mother, grandparents, great grandparents etc etc. One or all of them might have this disease. If he doesn’t take care of it now by proper holistic approach it may transmit in further generation.

If we take care of inbuilt constitutional weaknesses our adaptability to situation increases, which in turn will help to maintain balance—i.e. HEALTH.

If we are in perfect balance we can definitely produce a good progeny, a good healthy child whose adaptability to the stressful situations is maximum so there will be fewer amounts of diseases in future generation.

The aim of any parent is to bear and nurture a healthy, capable child who can face the pressures of our increasingly complex lifestyles

Preparation of both ‘would-be parents’ before conception is essential

Preparing for conception
A healthy diet and lifestyle is recommended so the couple achieves peak physical and psychological health. Ideally, preparations should start at least a year before conception. The reproductive cells are the most potent cells in the body and need special nourishment, Seminal fluids are also an indicator of the health of reproductive cells. If either partner suffers from any illness, therapy for specific problems is given as individually required. THEY SHOULD ATTAIN THEIR OPTIMUM HEALTH AND THEN GRADUALLY ENTER IN PARENTHOOD.

Homoeopathic treatment is given before conception to both would be father & mother. Parents who have followed these instructions say their babies are able to hold their heads up, turn on their side and begin speaking earlier than other babies. They sleep soundly for several hours and have far fewer health concerns than their peers. In some cases, they show extra-ordinary development.

Treat the patient not the disease concept of homeopathy explains that the patient suffering from one or many diseases is an individual whose health has got deranged due to multitude of factors.

This external factor influences the susceptibility of the individual and deranges the weaker parts of the human economy and thus the well person becomes the sick. 

In short, homeopathy believes that the susceptibility of the individual depends on his genomic states (constitution), lifestyle, living conditions, habits, family history and so on.
This explains rationally, why certain people fall sick on similar situations and certain people escape from the diseases in spite of reasonable exposure to similar situations. This also explains why the expressions of the same disease differ in different people (individuality)

Homoeopathy is very famous system of medicines as it doesn’t have any side effects, it treats patient as a whole, by taking into consideration of the sick individual at physical, mental, social and spiritual levels. This concept is now emerging even in bio medicine as personalised medicine (thermostatic) as an important factor of diagnostics and therapy of long term diseases.

The concept of prescribing medicines having exceedingly low quantity of original medicinal substances is called theory of minimum dose. This is emerging as Nano pharmacology.

Homeopathy uses only those medicines whose therapeutic efficacy has been verified on human beings safely. This is gaining wider acceptability in the scientific fraternity and is now called Human Pathogenetic Trial. (HPT)

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