Plaque Psoriasis Treatment

In this post we are going to explain Causes of Plaque Psoriasis with its major Trigger Factors and  Treatment of Plaque Psoriasis.



Plaque Psoriasis is the most common type of psoriasis. Almost 80 to 90% of patients suffering from psoriasis have plaque psoriasis.
It is a chronic long-standing variety of psoriasis.

The plaques are either localized on small body parts (involving elbows & knees) or cover the whole body i.e. generalized plaque psoriasis. (involving the scalp, trunk, limbs)

The patient may get new plaques on the site of injury which is called koebenerized plaque psoriasis.

Sometimes a patient may get psoriasis at the site of the area of skin exposed to sun-like face, neck, arms, forearms, hands, feet etc. this is called photosensitive psoriasis.

Plaque Psoriasis Treatment
Plaque Psoriasis Treatment

Predisposing factors for Plaque Psoriasis

Obesity, smoking, alcoholism, stress, family history of psoriasis predisposes a person to get this variety of psoriasis. Majority of patients suffer from it & it causes major affection on the quality of life of a patient.

The severity of Plaque Psoriasis

The severity of plaque psoriasis depends on its extent i.e. how much area of the body is covered by it.


How distressing is the flaking & scaling & how severe is the itching? These things & its psychosocial impact determine the quality of life of patients suffering from plaque psoriasis.



Psoriasis is not a life-threatening disorder but the patient has to live with it lifelong.


The plaque psoriasis can go in cycles of flaring up & remission. The patients come to know that it is recurring disorder, there is no control over it, we have to bear with it lifelong. This brings on hopelessness & frustration in patients suffering from it.


It causes pain, itching, discomfort, flaking & scaling.

Psychosocial Impact of Plaque Psoriasis

The plaques are quite embarrassing, so patient tries to hide it. This affects the dressing pattern of patients & for a lifetime, they are not able to wear clothes which can reveal their psoriasis.

They feel humiliated and less confident while appearing in public.
Psoriasis patients frequently feel ashamed about their condition hence they avoid social contacts, they also have coping difficulties with their family members. This brings on stress in day to day life of the patient.

Psoriasis is a stress-related skin disorder, the patient can always recognize the stress & its association with psoriasis flareup.

Plaque psoriasis patients can get psychosocial impact, stigmatization by other members of society, they get severe stress while appearing in public, they get depressed,20% of patients get suicidal thoughts.

Triggers of Plaque Psoriasis

Certain drugs like antimalarial, Beta-blockers, ACE inhibitors, lithium,
can precipitate plaque psoriasis
sunburn, severe stress
Sudden stoppage of ongoing treatment of psoriasis without doctor’s advice
Any infection can trigger psoriasis.
( e.g. streptococcal throat)

Treatment of Plaque Psoriasis

The conventional method of treatment is with medicated external applications, Ultraviolet rays, Immunosuppressant drugs. They have got a lot of side effects. The immunosuppressants while reducing the autoimmune response reduce the capacity of the immune system to tackle infections & then it becomes a major side effect that patient gets frequent infections.


Long-standing use of steroids, even though topical can produce local & systemic side effects. 

The immune-mediated inflammation of the skin is suppressed with the combination of medicines.


The patient remains symptom-free for some period of time but later finds out that even though he is using the same set of medicines the plaques flare. Then the dermatologists give more potent medicines, dose & potency of medicines go on increasing.


Finally, patients land up in frustration as even though they are taking medicines the plaques don’t respond. When patients stop these medicines on their own they land up in an extensive flaring up of psoriasis called as erythrodermic psoriasis where the entire skin swells & becomes fiery red. 


It’s an emergency & patients need to be hospitalized.
The extent of psoriasis increases as the time passes, similarly the dose & types of medicines go on increasing while treating psoriasis with the modern (conventional) mode of treatment.

The disease progresses making it more worse for the patient to live with & adapt with it.

Plaque Psoriasis Treatment
Plaque Psoriasis Treatment

Plaque Psoriasis Treatment at Psoriatreat Clinic and Research Center

At Psoriatreat oral homoeopathic medicines are given to treat plaque psoriasis.
The homoeopathic medicines given internally can balance the immune responses without suppressing the natural immunity.

‘Thorough case study & constitutional medicine is given orally ‘ forms the main part of the treatment of plaque psoriasis. The basic advantage of homoeopathic treatment is its safety, it doesn’t give any side effects & heals the disease naturally. It’s safe & gentle.

With the help of treatment the plaques’ redness, scaling & itching reduces gradually. some cases show remission for some time, with the encounter of triggers the plaques recur but every subsequent episode becomes lesser & lesser in the intensity of itching & scaling as well as the extent of spread & area covered by plaques also gets minimized.
Reduction in distressing symptoms increases patient’s confidence & quality of life.

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