Plantar Psoriasis Treatment

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This variety of psoriasis occurs in 10-15% of patients with psoriasis.

It can affect both palms & soles symmetrically

Triggers of Palmoplantar Psoriasis

  • Cigarette smoking
  • Trauma
  • Exposure to irritants e.g., persons working in chemical industries, automobile industries, housemaids handling detergents
Plantar Psoriasis
Plantar Psoriasis

Symptoms & Effects of Palmoplantar Psoriasis

It is the most disabling variety of psoriasis than any other type of psoriasis.

The palms & soles become red dry & thickened, it develops fissures which are deep, which bleed & cause immense pain.


The patient can’t do anything. The daily activities of self-care or daily living are hampered. The work area of the patient is affected a lot. Some may lose their job on account of disability.


The high visibility of fissures, cracks, bleeding makes patient embarrassed, they have low self-image & they are often less confident.


If the patient’s dominant hand is affected daily activities are hampered very badly.


If patient’s feet are affected mobility is affected very immensely. The patient is not able to walk, it makes them confined at home.


Frequent Doctor’s visits are also not possible for these patients.

Some may require assistance in their daily self-care activities.

Plantar Psoriasis Treatment
Plantar Psoriasis Treatment

Plantar Psoriasis Treatment

It is one of the difficult to treat a type of psoriasis with modern medicines.

The lesions are very much resistant to external therapy with medicinal creams, ointments, or phototherapy.



Systemic therapy with immunosuppressants is advisable but it has a lot of side effects.



The disease goes on in remission but when recurs it increases in severity & extent. The patient gets more severe disease with each recurrence.

Plantar Psoriasis Treatment at Psoriatreat

At Psoriatreat a thorough case is taken & analyzed. Based on the analysis a proper homoeopathic medicine is selected.


The medicine should be taken orally by the patients.

Homoeopathy addresses the root cause of disease and balance the immunity naturally.


It’s a very safe & gentle & natural way of treatment without side effects.

As immunity is balanced patient finds a gradual reduction in the thickness of lesions on palms & soles


Gradually the fissures & cracks heal, the pain subsides & patient can regain their capacity to do daily work at home as well as at the workplace.


Triggers can induce recurrence of lesions, but the subsequent episodes are lesser in the intensity of suffering & the extent of lesions is lesser than the previous.

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