Inverse Psoriasis

Inverse Psoriasis: In this post we will see What is Inverse Psoriasis, Symptoms of Inverse psoriasis, Diagnosis of Inverse Psoriasis and Treatment of Inverse Psoriasis

How many patients get affected with Inverse psoriasis?

20 to 30% of patients suffering from psoriasis are having inverse psoriasis but many times patient doesn’t seek the help of physician on account embarrassment as it affects private areas of body.


They find it uncomfortable & difficult to discuss the problem with the physician as intimate body regions are affected. Many times, it is called as hidden psoriasis.

Inverse Psoriasis
Inverse Psoriasis

In whom Inverse Psoriasis can occur?

Often patients of inverse psoriasis show co-morbidities such as Diabetes Mellitus-2, Obesity, Hypertension

Symptoms of Inverse Psoriasis

Inverse psoriasis presents as well demarcated, bright red plaques with very thin scaling, The skin is very thin & delicate.


In men & women if the genitals are involved then they cause painful fissures & cracks , itching & extensive burning sensation of affected area.


Exposure to sweat, urine, feces causes lot of irritation of lesions. Sweating & moisture of affected areas make them susceptible for infections.

How Inverse Psoriasis affects the quality of life?

The inverse psoriasis affects majorly the sexual health of patients through out their lives Patient complains of discomfort while sexual intercourse.


Patient can’t wear tight fitting clothing. Daily activities for personal hygiene & toileting i.e. urination & defection are affected negatively.


Many patients choose to avoid physical or intimate contact altogether. It affects self-image negatively  which gives rise to various interpersonal problems.

Diagnosis of inverse Psoriasis

Often the diagnosis of this variety of psoriasis is missed as the lesions & area of affection points towards fungal or yeast infection. 


So patients use antifungal line of treatment but when it fails to clear the lesions psoriasis is suspected.

Inverse Psoriasis Treatment

Conventional treatment is  with medicated topical applications containing potent steroids but it can cause severe skin thinning & makes skin susceptible for infections.


Phototherapy treatment used for the genital psoriasis is usually having serious side effects like genital cancers.


Homeopathy Treatment is one of the best to cure Inverse Psoriasis to know more click here


The systemic immunosuppressants may not give desirable effects hence inverse psoriasis is listed under difficult to treat variety of psoriasis.

Treatment of inverse psoriasis at Psoriatreat

At Psoriatreat, Thorough case taking & well selected homoeopathic medicine given orally helps patient to reduce psoriasis lesions.

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