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Successful Lichen Planus Treatment in Mumbai, India – Real patient case study.

lichen planus treatment in Mumbai India
lichen planus treatment in Mumbai India

Lichen planus is a bothersome skin condition characterized by itchy, hardened, blackish eruptions that can appear on various body parts, causing discomfort and distress. Today, we bring you a remarkable case study of a 39-year-old male patient who sought treatment for lichen planus at Psoriatreat in Mumbai, India. This success story underscores the effectiveness of homeopathic treatment in managing lichen planus and offers valuable insights into the journey towards recovery.

Patient Profile

Age: 39 years old

Chief Complaint: Itching, hardened blackish, itchy eruptions on legs near the ankle region

Previous Diagnosis: Lichen planus Psoriasis

Initial Trigger: The patient developed these lesions after undergoing various treatments for spermatorrhea.

Notable Symptoms:

  • Excessive sour-smelling sweat on the scalp
  • Intense craving for eggs and sweet foods
  • A sensation of being chilly
  • Confusion during decision-making
  • Financial insecurities
  • Difficulty trusting others
  • Extensive analysis before making decisions

Treatment Journey

Initial Treatment

Upon his initial visit, the patient was prescribed Calc Carb 200 infrequently, and his progress was closely monitored. He did show some improvement during this phase, which indicated a positive response to the treatment.


However, after eight months of treatment, the patient’s condition reached a plateau. This plateau indicated that further improvement was not observed with Calc Carb 200 alone. This situation is not uncommon in homeopathic treatment, and it serves as a crucial point in the patient’s journey.


At this juncture, the patient’s case was meticulously reviewed. Homeopathy’s strength lies in its individualized approach, and in this case, a more suitable remedy was required to address the patient’s unique symptoms and constitution. After careful consideration, Ars Album 200 was prescribed in infrequent repetitions.

Positive Response

Within two months of starting the Ars Album 200 prescription, the patient began to show substantial improvement. This turnaround was a testament to the power of selecting the right homeopathic remedy tailored to the patient’s specific symptoms.

Long-Term Monitoring

The patient’s progress was closely monitored without the need for repeating the remedy. This monitoring phase is crucial as it allows the homeopath to assess the ongoing response to treatment and make necessary adjustments when required.

Complete Recovery

After 1.5 years of consistent monitoring and treatment, the patient experienced a remarkable outcome – the complete disappearance of plaques and discoloration. This was a significant milestone in his journey towards recovery and a testament to the effectiveness of homeopathic treatment when administered thoughtfully and patiently.

Key Takeaways

This case study offers several valuable takeaways for individuals dealing with lichen planus:

  1. Individualized Treatment

Homeopathic treatment is highly individualized, with remedies selected based on the patient’s unique symptoms and constitution. This personalized approach is fundamental to achieving successful outcomes.

  1. Patience

Lichen planus can be a challenging condition that may take time to respond to treatment. It is essential to give the selected remedy sufficient time to work, as seen in this case where the patient experienced a turnaround after reaching a plateau.

  1. Timely Intervention

When a remedy reaches a plateau or no longer shows improvement, it is crucial to reevaluate the case and consider alternative treatments. The adaptability of homeopathic treatment is one of its strengths.

  1. Case Review

Periodic reviews of the patient’s condition and symptom changes are essential for adjusting the treatment plan. Homeopaths continually assess progress and make necessary modifications to achieve the best possible results.

  1. Complete Recovery

With the proper remedy and ongoing monitoring, full recovery from lichen planus is possible. This case study serves as an inspiring example of how homeopathy can lead to a complete and lasting resolution of the condition.


In conclusion, lichen planus is a challenging condition that can significantly impact an individual’s quality of life. However, as demonstrated in this case study, with proper homeopathic treatment tailored to the individual patient and meticulous monitoring, substantial improvement and even complete recovery can be achieved.

If you or someone you know is dealing with lichen planus, we encourage you to consider seeking professional homeopathic care for personalized treatment and support.

At Psoriatreat in Mumbai, India, we are dedicated to helping individuals like our 39-year-old patient regain their skin health and overall well-being through effective homeopathic treatment. Your journey towards a lichen planus-free life begins here.

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*Disclaimer: It is important to note that every patient is unique, and individualized treatment plans should be formulated under the guidance of qualified healthcare professionals.

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